16 July 2012

13 to 16 July 1942: air raid warning

Note: 13th to 16th excerpts.

13 Mon. ...To shops in morning also to cats' meat shop in afternoon. Uncle Ben called in evening: he is soon going back to Bolton. Met Edie Bennett: she is nice.

14 Tues. ...Caught first glimpse of Southern Railways new Pacific loco - one of them, but was not well placed for observation. Sowed lettuce seed.

15 Wed. ...To Mitcham to see cricket, but Woods was not playing. Flew 34 ins model on Common in evening; good results in half a gale of wind.

16 Thurs. Warning from 5.15 to 5.35 p.m....Dad, Alb, Lily & little Antony to tea. Antony is a merry little chap who really enjoys life.


  1. Hi
    I discovered your wonderful blog after seeing you had linked to one of my photos on Flickr, the photo of the bomb map of Wimbledon from the Wimbledon at War book.

    I find the diary of your uncle fascinating. I am local being born in Nelson Hospital and grew up in S Wimbledon and then on top of Cannon Hill in Greenwood Close. I love local history and reading about WW2 and the Blitz. I also like all your uncle's references to cricket in Merton and Mitcham. His diary entries are so simple but full of amazing snippets of local history. I've got you book marked now and look forward to reading more.



  2. Duncan, thanks for your kind comments re blog and that information. I'll index Nelson Hospital when it's next mentioned. For other readers, it was the 11th Sept 1940 diary entry that I linked to the map showing location bombs fell in Wimbledon (in that case blogged 70 years to the day - 11/9/2010). - Tony French. Mail: tony (before the @) then:

  3. To Duncan, again - you know that Cannon Hill has many mentions in Fred's diary? If you've not done already (!) type Cannon Hill into the Search box at top left... Cheers, Tony