17 May 2012

14 May 1942: inspiring preacher

14 Thur. Mild, cloudy and dull but not unpleasant because of the calm air. To Merton to buy cod cutlets. Also bought two lovely white geraniums and two double pink ones - 1/3* each in pots. In evening to the Church to hear the week-night meeting of the Church Anniversary. The chief speaker was Dr.Luke Wiseman who gave a most inspiring address lasting an hour. Although 84 he is still a most powerful and dramatic orator. I owe a great deal to his influence.

*one shilling and threepence (about 6.25p each in modern money)
**Rev Frederick Luke Wiseman. Born in York, 1858 - died 16 Jan 1944. Evangelist, orator, elder statesman of Methodist church, gifted musician. Click for biography. 

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