3 March 2012

Tues 3 March 1942: meat shop closed...

Fred wrote: (con.) - i.e continued, after the date, reflecting his late night reporting on the eclipse.

Rear gunner - "The striking thing
 about the rear turret is the sense of detachment
 it gives you."  From: Bomber Command, HMSO, 1941.
Price 1s 6d or 20/- for 15 copies.
White morning frost but less cold later; very calm with some hazy sunshine in afternoon. Mr.Norriss cut hard back the lime tree in front garden. To Merton but meat shop closed so bought sprats. Saw huge four-engined bomber from east to west at dusk. Much searchlight practice at night. One machine was picked out by search light the pilot showing an orange light. Later I saw a machine pass over, clearly seen against the sky which was not very dark.

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