6 March 2012

6 March 1942: oh dear... dinner is late!

6 Fri. Severe frost, getting even colder at night. Dismal, cutting icy wind. Miss Dickson to do the cleaning as usual. Did the usual Friday morning shopping also to Wimbledon to buy a few things. Ciss went to Tolworth after leaving work so dinner was as late as 7.15. The baby Anthony who Lily is minding is progressing amazingly and is a fine child.

On this day: Japan took Batavia; potentially useful installations for Japan in Rangoon to be destroyed. Carrier Eagle ferries 18 (wartime book said 15) Spitfires to Malta - the first to go overseas.
'THE SPITFIRES COME. Bound for Malta, a Spitfire roars down the flight deck of the Eagle. She was one of fifteen from Gibraltar, the first Spitfires to enter the battle. They arrived on the desperate day of 7th March 1942.'  (Photo from: The Air Battle for Malta, HMSO, 1944.)


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