9 March 2012

8 March 1942: one big sound

8 Sun. Severe morning frost - 8 degrees & the most picturesque hoar frost imaginable. Brilliant sunny day which dispelled the frost; the temperature rising to 44 degrees. Alan & Fred Spooner called & I demonstrated the huge Ferranti transformer as an input for the gramophone pick up. It steps up the volume amazingly.
On this day:  'The Juggernaut of events is overwhelming... just incredible that our Eastern Empire built  up, however unjustly, over two centuries, should have vanished, with that of the Dutch, in 2 1/2 months. So much for Imperial power - a house built on sand.' - Vera Brittain's Diary, 1939-45, F.A.Thorpe, ISBN 0-7089-8716-8.

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