10 March 2012

10 March 1942: Taffy gone to the cats' heaven

10 Tues. Rather cold, dull but calm. Taffy has had a large abscess, it burst this morning, poor old chap, and in order not to let him suffer I took him to the Animals Dispensary Wimbledon. The lady said it was definitely a case, so he was put painlessly to sleep, much to my great sorrow. I took him over from the Fraynes No 70 Chestnut one week before the bombing in Nov 1940 as they returned to Wales. I fed him ever since and he proved a most lovable cat. Many has been the time when he kept me company in the shelter during a raid time & has comforted me with his purring. I shall miss him very much. I am sure he has gone to the cats' heaven.
On this day: all Allied forces in Dutch East Indies surrender unconditionally to Japanese.

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