22 February 2012

Sun 8 Feb 1942: greatest symphony

Terrible frost, getting colder, probably 10 degrees below freezing at night certainly 6 degrees and that under cover. A little sun in afternoon which thawed where it fell and the warmth could be felt. A day of splendid music on wireless - Brahms 1st violin sonata, played by Albert Sammons and William Murdock and Beethoven's 4th Symphony; I sometimes think this is the greatest off all symphonies. My radio-gram seems to be getting better every day and the quality of reproduction is so fine that I should have thought it impossible to achieve such vivid realism at all. Heard a sermon by Rev J Clark Gibson* over wireless from Trinity Church, Penarth he was once minister at Cottenham Park. His voice was unmistakable.

*Later to become the secretary of the Churches' Committee on Gambling - including at the time of the UK introducing Premium Bonds (announced April 1956). He objected. 

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