28 January 2012

Sat 24 Jan 1942: sprats, Merton bombs & a crystal set

Cold morning but thawing. Temperature rose till 43 degrees at night; rain set in during afternoon. Dismal, and nearly all the snow is gone. Got the groceries as usual and took a note to Mrs. Mc.Ainsh in Vernon Avenue. Then a long walk to Colliers Wood to see if I could get some cat's meat but had to buy sprats. Saw where much bomb damage was done round about Merton Board Mills. Home along High Path past Merton Abbey Station; saw the ancient gateway in the old abbey** wall. Many years since I was there last. Sold a crystal set and crystal detector to Uncle Joe for 2/6.
** The Merton Priory (abbey) site is now occupied by Sainsbury's, but remains can be seen in the foot tunnel under Merantun Way, leading to Merton Abbey Mills on the Wandle river. Watercolour over pencil painting of the Merton Abbey gateway by Smart, 1899. The famous Mills - the early 20th century base for the 'arts & crafts' movement designer William Morris - remain, as crafts workshops and small businesses. 

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