21 December 2011

Tues 16th Dec 1941: emotionally toughened by war

Christmas cards and searchlight practice
Rather cold but as perfect and cloudless a day as is possible at this season. Remarkable. The sun shone all day and its warmth could be felt. Did some shopping locally and thence to Wimbledon along rail path. Bought some Christmas cards at Woolworth's. Doing up the presents and parcels for posting. Searchlight practice at night; a plane was held in the beams for a long time: it was British of course. The sky was so dark and clear at night that I was able to see Uranus without optical aid near to and between the Pleiades and Saturn. It is about 5th or 6th magnitude - on the limit of naked-eye vision. Have never seen it before. I know I should have been thrilled but my emotional reactions are very slight nowadays. I suppose it is one result of a toughening process - the result of war.

"my emotional reactions are very slight nowadays"

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