24 December 2011

Thur 25th Dec 1941: Christmas Day

Christmas Day. Mild: 50 degrees but dull and a chilly north wind blowing. Aunt Liza called to say that Len is now in Rouen - nearer home at any rate. Just for a short walk in the afternoon. No visitors, so Ciss and I had our Christmas by ourselves. Played a match with her on the pin bagatelle board.** Played the gramophone. Heard the King's broadcast, also the bells of Bethlehem.

**This dark wooden board about 26in x 18in (estimated) had circles of metal pins (small nails) and inset small circular metal trays which would just take a single silver-colour metal ball, pushed up a side alley by each player with a shaped wooden rod. Lesser scores were achieved by getting the ball inside a circle of pins, while the higher scores came from resting in the individual trays. The scores relating to each tray or circle were printed on small gold on black labels on the board. Great fun!

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