19 December 2011

Sat 6th Dec 1941: news of Doreen

Mild for season but, boisterous, chilly S.W. wind. Cloudy, rain setting in towards end of afternoon. Bought vegetables in morning. Groceries locally in afternoon thence to Wimbledon to buy cats provisions and on to Merton Road to by 1/4" elastic & balsa at Collins. Also bought new dishcloth in Wimbledon. Oh, and lentils. Came home via Merton. A very long walk. Fitted wheels to chassis of Williams model. {Put new washer on tap. During afternoon met Leslie Moore walking through this road on his way to a football match on the fields. They live at Twickenham and I asked him about his mother and in particular Doreen of course. They are well and Doreen works at Woolworths; she is 15 - fancy, and she was seven when they moved to this road. Glad to have news of her again.
On this day: Russian army of 9 million start counteroffensive against Germans. Finnish forces reached most easterly point, on railway north of Lake Onega. Britain declared on Finland, Hungary and Rumania. Roosevelt approved funds for research towards atomic bomb.

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