18 December 2011

Fri 5th Dec 1941: a shilling for my mercury

Less cold - 45 degrees, cloudy but a little fairer. Two outings in morning to Raynes Park shops, thence along the rail path to Wimbledon. A shop has just opened which buys old gold, silver or any metal ware for reclamation. A notice in the window says that mercury is urgently needed. So I took a small quantity of it and to my surprise got a shilling for it, seeing it was only about a dessert spoonful. I was pleased at the price. Mrs Williams and little Connie called to see how the plane is getting on: I showed it to her. Fitted the chassis in evening also propeller. bearing and tried it for running with a temporary rubber motor: very smooth and steady. Not much more to do.
On this day: Hitler stopped anti--Moscow operations. 750,000  of 3.5m Axis troops had been died or were missing. Secret US mobilization plans published in some US newspapers. 

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