28 November 2011

Sun 16th Nov 1941: "I thank God for our safety"

(Note: Fred wrote 'Sat' not 'Sun' in his diary. A rare mistake.)
Sharp morning frost which gave rapidly. The day became milder until 50 degrees were reached at night when rain began to fall: very dull all day. Not having to go out on business preferred to stay in. It is a year ago at 6.55 p.m. that four bombs fell in this - Chestnut Rd. damaging practically every house in the road. Four were completely destroyed and about twelve to this day are broken and derelict. Our own house was damaged but is now in good repair save for a few windows still covered with fabric. To-day my thought are turned towards dear Mrs. Child and her six children now living in Chatsworth Avenue. Mr. Child was so badly injured during the raid that he died the next day. I am still amazed that loss of life should have been so small but it was a great loss to those bereaved. I thank God for our safety. I saw the bombs that wrecked Child's, Lundy's and Spooner's houses - only 28 and 30 yards away from me. We have had a long respite from raids, the Germans are so occupied on the Russian front, but we know that Hitler's final aim is to destroy Britain so we must still be prepared.

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