26 November 2011

Sat 8th Nov 1941: a rare treat meeting LPO violinist

Cold, cloudy: dead calm: damp. Got the groceries etc. Thence to Wimbledon Common to fly the 34 ins model. Found Alan Spooner up there with his large model which flew exceedingly well. The conditions were dead calm and got so beautiful glides but there was little lift so did not get great height. A clever golden haired young man came up to me and asked about my model: he seemed interested. He said he was not mechanical - he was a musician. Had a delightful talk with him. He told me he was a violinist in the London Philharmonic Orchestra. A rare pleasure to talk to a lover of fine music; his favourite was Beethoven, so we agreed as he is my favourite too.

[This note added by Fred in the diary:] This man was Matthews, leader of the L.P.O.

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