7 November 2011

Sat 18th Oct 1941: clothing coupons & salted cod

...bought four collars... vile smelling cod... I am 53 today... given embroidered handkerchiefs
Mild, exceedingly windy; some rain. To get the groceries etc. in morning. To Wimbledon along railpath in afternoon. Bought four nice Luvisea faced, polo shaped collars at Hewitts. Had to part with one coupon for each collar. Bought some salted cod for the cats. It is being imported in great quantities from Iceland. It smells vile.I would not eat it but Dinkey went mad over it: it is 9d per lb. Repaired the sliding cloths prop; had to fit two mew metal sliding clips. I am 53 today. The last time Uncle Tom called he gave me a parcel to be opened on my birthday. It contained dome handkerchiefs with my initials embroidered on them and a very nice glossy tie in an art shade of brown.

Note: a reader identified the word Luvisea for us, and described it in the comments.


  1. Oops -- posted in wrong section.

    The word is 'Luvisea'. It's a type of silk. Here's an ad featuring the word:

    Look about 6 descriptions down in the first ad, and you'll see usage of the word.


  2. 'The new and ideal washing silk for Blouses, Costumes, Sports Coats etc in smart fancy and block stripes and plain shades...' Glorious. Thank you for Luvisea info.