23 October 2011

Wed 8th Oct 1941: soldier climbs oak to Fred's model

Very mild after chilly, misty morning. Fine afternoon with some nice sunshine for time of year. Flew 37 ins aero on Common in afternoon. One extra good flight right across the Common ended by the model landing on top of an oak tree opposite Calonne Road*. Gave it up as lost but while watching a man and a boy with a model saw a soldier with my machine in his hand. I noticed a number of soldiers up there and had previously spoken to a subaltern who was in charge of them. They were on duty but one Pte Grief climbed the tree and got my model down unharmed except for a few tears in the tissue. I flew it again immediately. I took the man's name and address and promised to send him a slight reward. Walking home I found his silver pencil in my pocket to my great surprise. I started to take his name and address with his pencil which I put absentmindedly into my own pocket. Wrote a letter of thanks to post him tomorrow which  will accompany a postal order for 2/6 also his pencil. Alf called in evening; gave him a cabinet loudspeaker also a Blue-Spot(?) cone assembly.

Note: not until 35 years later did Calonne Road, Wimbledon Parkside, acquire Wat Buddhapadipa, the UK's first Buddhist Temple. See

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