19 October 2011

Sat 4 Oct 1941: no fish in shops for cats

Mild. Dull, misty. Hunted about all afternoon trying to find something for the cats and after going to every cats' meat shop I know and also every fish shop was either closed having nothing to sell or not having cheap fish such as herrings was almost despairing but ultimately bought a jar of Kit-E.Cat in Raynes Park. Fluffy will not eat this food and Dinky is very half-hearted about it but today was most difficult and the week-end outlook for the pussies is not a bright one. Lightened and shortened the cane undercarriage for the 37 ins. model; I don't much like it however and am undecided about the design of landing gear - very difficult as I prefer a chassis that is strong but easily detachable.

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