14 September 2011

Sat 13 Sep 1941: fun on Common with model

Very mild, dull, humid, calm; not unpleasant. To Raynes Park shops on foot, thence to Colins, Merton Road to buy dark blue tissue and balsa blocks, also to buy cats' meat in Wimbledon on my cycle to do the journey quickly. Covered new fuselage with dark blue tissue and doped it - a good job. To Wimbledon Common in evening and got very graceful flights in dead calm with my 37 ins model: very pleased with it.
On this day

  • Iran expels Axis diplomats.

In Norway, the Quisling regime has banned the Boy Scouts, et al,  requiring boys to join the Nasjonal Samling (National Gathering) fascist party's youth wing. The NS party was banned in 1945 and the leader Vidkun Quisling executed for treason. The name quisling became and remains synonymous with anyone co-operating with an occupying force.  

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