30 August 2011

Thursday 14 August 1941: Dad's 79th; high tea

Very mild, some periods of gentle sunshine, quite an improvement. Out morning to the butchers. More shopping in afternoon. In evening cycled to Tolworth to celebrate Dad's seventy-ninth birthday.Had **high tea there and had a piece of birthday cake.
**Note: more social history - what constituted 'high tea' - and is the term still used by anyone?

Six years after I typed that question, blog reader 'Greyfox' comments: ). “High Tea” is more substantial than the traditional “Afternoon Tea” (comprising bread & butter, dainty sandwiches or scones followed by cake & normally served around 4pm). “High Tea” is normally eaten later, when the “man of the house”(!) got home from work & would also include a savoury course such as meat & vegetables, a salad, welsh rarebit, pie etc so is broadly equivalent to supper. One theory is that the “High” refers to the fact that High Tea would always be eaten at the table whereas “Afternoon Tea”, traditionally, wasn’t. The term is still in use in the North of England & Scotland.

Fred's Dad (seated left) at Largewood Ave, Tolworth, about two years later.

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