5 August 2011

Saturday 12th July 1941: food queue - and fireballs!

Very warm and sultry. A storm developed during afternoon and we got some welcome rain at last. Had to wait in a queue for half an hour at the greengrocers in the morning. To Wimbledon to buy cats' food and some cakes in early evening. Had only just got back when another storm of great violence broke some of the flashes of lightning and peals of thunder were very severe, especially one at 8.30 p.m. I was told two thunderbolts fell, and the people at 68 said they saw two red globes of fire come hurtling down from the sky: there was much flooding..

Note: a lighter note! Here's Captain Marvel with his thunderbolt tunic just three months later, in October 1941. (DC Comics. Artwork by C C Beck & Pete Costanza. Via Wikipedia.)

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  1. I know many people had their pets put down at the beginning of the war, a quick google does not show pet food rationing? did Cat food shops exist, as mentioned by Fred, or where they fishmongers selling the scraps, his routines of buying fish for the cats are a large part of his diary,and its not often he comes home without some? i just wondered, if any readers knew how cat food was rationed?