22 August 2011

Monday 28th July 1941: bombers & a lovely cat

Rather warm, mostly cloudy; some rain at night. To Raynes Park shops and thence to buy cats food. Air raid warning at 1.45 a.m. About 15 enemy aircraft came this way one of which was fired at by the local guns. No bombs were dropped nearer than Tooting and Wandsworth. The main attack was on the East End and London Docks, and fires caused the light being reflected in the sky. All clear at 3.40 a.m. Aunt Liza is now going to feed Fluffy so I am relieved of my job  which I have performed since the beginning of last November. Fluffy is a lovely cat of whom I am very fond and he loves me dearly: I shall miss him but hope to see him occasionally.

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