24 May 2011

Saturday 10th May 1941: Morden bombed, terrible

Battersea Paper Mills destroyed - rain of burned paper
Very cool, chilly N.E. wind, dull. To Wimbledon along line, saw a Brighton 4-4-0 loco. very elegant. Bought cats' provisions. Night raid at 10.55 p.m. A terrible affair, great number of bombers with fighter escorts. Great number of bombs dropped some at Lower Morden. A German fighter machine-gunned the local searchlight. We have now heard that 33 machines were brought down by our fighters. The Battersea Paper Mills was destroyed and the garden and everywhere is strew with burned paper. The raid was centred on London and damage and casualties are very great: all clear at 5.33 a.m. on 11th Sun.

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