2 April 2011

Wednesday 2nd April 1941: more shelter

Raw cold, dismal rain all day. Men continued work on shelter extension. Repaired broken drawer of my chest of drawers. Tried a fourth valve on radio-gram - very powerful but too much background.
On this day

  • A small number of Hurricanes are flown from Ark Royal to Malta.
  • President Roosevelt orders ten coastguard cutters transferred to Britain's Royal Navy.
  • Count Teleki, the PM of Hungary, commits suicide, not wishing to collaborate with Germany.
  • In Iraq yesterday, a coup began, and by tomorrow a new government is installed. Faisal, the Regent, escapes to Transjordan. The officers anti-British officers staging the coup call themselves the Golden Square.
Count Teleki, Prime Minister,
 professor of geography, Chief Scout

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