12 April 2011

Monday 7th April 1941: "I am wild... Ciss was mad"

Very cold, bitter N.wind; no sun but certainly brighter. Apart from feeding Fluffy twice, as usual, stayed in which was best. The men concreted the shelter to-day, putting 2ft 6ins of it on the floor and 5ins on the sides. The floor is now only two feet below ground level, it was 4ft 6 ins below, I am wild about it as the shelter is much less safe; it is not possible to get below ground level where it's most safety. I should have thought 8ins on the floor would have been ample to keep the water out. Ciss was mad(?) to-day. Warning at 10.27 p.m., all clear at 11.22 p.m.  A machine and distant gunfire at 11.35 p.m. followed by warning at 11.55 p.m.; several machines from W. to E. also heavy bombing and gunfire on London; all-clear at 5.0 a.m. on 8 Tues.

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