9 March 2011

Thursday 6th March 1941: 500 London warnings

Rather cold, dull, rain most of the day. Shopping in afternoon: met dearest Annie in Coombe Lane and said "Good Afternoon" to her. I should like to have stopped - perhaps one day I shall. Two untimed warnings in morning. Deluge of rain at night. Enemy plane at 7.40 p.m. warning at 7.45, all clear at 8.5, distant all clear at 8.50 p.m.. So far there have been 501 air raid warnings in the London area since the war began.
On this day: Germans condemn to death 18 members of Dutch resistance. Churchill issues Battle of Atlantic directive giving priority to tackling U-boats and bombers attacking shipping. Germans start dropping acoustic magnetic mines in Suez Canal. Germans move into Bulgaria after treaty.

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