16 March 2011

Sunday 16th March 1941: balloon was up

'The balloon was up...'
White morning frost, chilly day; yellow mist, calm. Walk to look at the new appliances at the ant-aircraft camp. The balloon was up but taken down at night. Joan Hicks & her friend Rita called. Mrs.Akroyd called. Warning from 8.58 to 10.15 p.m. distant all clear at 10.44. Only very distant gunfire from the east, that was all.
On this day:

  • East African port of Berbera captured by British, having come in ships from Aden.
  • Greek troops have inflicted 12,000 casualties among attacking Italians in Albania - Italians withdraw - but it has meant Greeks can't reinforce elsewhere against Germans.
  • German submarines U.99 and U.100 sunk in Atlantic convoy battle. Captain of U.99 captured. New radar equipment had been used to locate U.100.
  • Hitler predicts victory by end of year.

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