10 March 2011

Saturday 8th March 1941: guns and roses

Cold, but much finer; some moderate sunshine. To Wimbledon along rail-path; Did quite a lot of shopping at Woolworth's and elsewhere; also to buy cats' food for the week end.** Bought and planted a Mrs. Sam McGrealy (?***) rose. Met Alan and Fred Spooner with their Uncle Mr Wodgrove. Night raid at 7.45 p.m. Quite a number of machines were operating and fear a number of bombs were dropped; heard four come down and explode not far away. Local guns fired. All clear at 11.55 p.m.
**Note: Uncle Fred split words - like week end - far more than we do now. We write: weekend. His spelling is usually excellent; his use of colons and semi-colons is not always accurate.

***Can anyone say if that rose name is correct, please? 

Well - it's six years since I typed that question, and our reader 'Greyfox' has come up with the answer: 'The name of the rose  is Mrs Sam McGredy. Named after breeder’s wife. Picture here 


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