12 March 2011

Monday 10th March 1941: Motspur Park bombs

Rather cold, chilly wind, rain, but a little sun in late afternoon. Mr Ward at work decorating the sitting room. Mrs. Pontifex and May called; quite nice to see them again. Dr. Milum called: he is a delightful man. Warning from 9.27 to 9.37 a.m. no incidents. Short walk only Night warning at 8.20 pm. all clear at 8.54; also from 11.15 p.m. to 12.13 a.m. on 11th Tues. The bombs last night fell at Motspur Park - delayed ones.
On this day: Japan won political points... France ceded Cambodian land to Thailand; was granted monopoly of Indonesian rice; granted full use of airport at Saigon.

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