29 January 2011

Wednesday 29th January 1941: revolution

Very cold, very dull. Mr Ward has put a pale green paper on the walls of the small bedroom and a pale silvery blue on the front bedroom. The ceilings have been whitewashed and drop friezes done and the effect is a great improvement - very stylish. My room is now to be done. Alan Spooner called to take some washing away: very impressed by my wireless with the parallel power output: it really is good: volume and quality. Warnings from 9.35 to 9.55 a.m. and 5.45 to 9.37 p.m.. A few machines and some gunfire but none locally: nothing dropped hereabouts.

On this day: the Luftwaffe dropped mines into the Suez canal
Modern Cairo and the Nile (via Wiki)
And on this day in 2011, 70 years later to the day,  Egypt is the scene of popular protests in Cairo and across the country. The cabinet has formally resigned. People are ignoring a 4pm-8am curfew. The police are unpopular; the army is urging police restraint. The army is in the tv station, protesters are outside... elsewhere army and people are mingling... 2.50 GMT, police open fire at demonstrators at the Interior Ministry, 4 dead, in London protesters are moving towards the Egyptian embassy... (and in London & Manchester students are on the streets protesting against increasing student fees).
50 years ago: Lord Bertrand Russell, philosopher and Nobel Prizewinner along with Lady Russell and another demonstration of  political moment, in London, in support of nuclear disarmament
(photo, copyright this blogger, Tony French)  

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