24 January 2011

Tuesday 21st January 1941:'dog food' for cats

Mild by comparison - 47 degrees: dismal, rain all day. Hunts about to find food for cats saw some minced meat in butchers kn Coombe Lane marked "dog food", no coupons - bought 1/2 lb. 4d. Warning from 10.40 to 11.0 a.m. 1.11 to 2.3 p.m., two bombs followed by warning at 3.27, all clear at 4.20 p.m. Tried grid-stopper in 1st(?) L.F. valve of wireless set but no improvement. It seems hard to improve upon my set.Dr Milum called; I like him very much: a cheerful man.
On this day: Australian troops attack Tobruk. Italians broken and General Mannella captured. USA end prohibition on exports to Russia.

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