18 January 2011

Thursday 16th January 1941: tough rationing

Two planes came over at 2.40 a.m. terrific gunfire and two lots of heavy bombs which shook the house: no warning given and I was in bed. - got up. Warning subsequently about 3.0 a.m. and all clear about 5.30 but I went to bed it was so cold. Five degree of frost under cover. Severe frost all day but not so dull to-day. Spent afternoon trying to buy food for the cats. Difficult enough to buy food for humans; even ox-heart and ox liver is rationed and only 1/2d worth of meat per head per week is now allowed. We are reduced to living mainly on bread, potatoes and oatmeal porridge - none of them appetising, satisfying or nourishing. Just a case of filling up and hoping for the best. Warning at 6.55 p.m. Only one machine past over and some distant gunfire; all clear at 1.37 a.m. on 17 Fri.
The cost of feeding the cats
Three loose pages (6 sides) where Fred recorded the costs of cat food were folded inside his 1941 diary. Note the farthings, halfpennies and three-farthings. Here's the first of the pages, from Monday 27th January to Saturday 27th February 1941. 

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On this day: Malta attacked by about 80 Stukas; 10 shot down. They damaged the carrier Illustrious and the cruiser Perth. The harbour was suffered heavy damage. 

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