27 January 2011

Sunday 26th January 1941: putrid meat, precious cat

Cold, very dull, damp. Walk along rail path in afternoon. Alb & Lily called in afternoon: Alb seems much more rational than he was. To 34 Chestnut in afternoon. Uncle Joe. Len's sweetheart Doris was there, also Chas. Absolutely sick at heart of wartime food restrictions. Food, the most essential of all necessities, is severely curtailed, and the most nourishing foods are the scarcest  and most expensive. Even half putrid ox heart and ox liver that has been in cold storage for years - not fit for human consumption is rationed and doled out in minute quantities. I am not satisfied that there is a real need for such stringency, or, on the other hand the food situation is more serious than the government are willing to admit. Anyway, I am hungry again within one hour of having a meal and the difficulty of feeding cats at all is maddening to a man whose cat is the most precious thing he has.

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