11 January 2011

Saturday 11th January 1941: motoring death

Raw cold but not freezing: very dismal. Bought fish for cats also bought paraffin at garage. To Normans model shop at Merton: bought dark blue bamboo tissue to cover modified fuselage. Norman's father told me his son was in the R.A.F. Met Harold who told me Sylvia's young man had died of injuries received in motoring accident: he was in the army. Brought away Uncle Joe's loudspeaker for cleaning and adjustment which was done forthwith. Might raid at 6.23 p.m. Great many planes and far more bombs dropped but none quite near. Raid finished with surprising abruptness; the all clear sounding while the guns were firing heavily. They soon left off for good and the all clear signals got nearer until the local one went. All clear at 10.50 p.m.

On this day: cruiser'Southampton sunk by Stuka attack and Gloucester damaged on leaving Malta.

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