25 December 2010

Wednesday 25th December 1940: happy but different

Christmas day. Raw cold, dismal, damp. Ciss and I spent the day together. Heard the King on the wireless. In evening played Madge's records on the radio-gram with enjoyable results. With a moving-coil speaker it would be very high class indeed. I may buy one: it would be money well spent. A very different Xmas to those we spent years ago, but there was no enemy activity to mar the day which was quite a happy one. Last Xmas Day I went to see Ciss in hospital. Oh, I forgot: in afternoon walked along rail path right into Wimbledon and back.
"Heard the King on the wireless"
(1940s' portrait of George VI  via Wikipedia)

On this day: German cruiser Admiral Hipper attacked British troop convoy - three cruisers and carriers Argus and Furious - 700 miles west of Cape Finisterre. Hipper is forced to withdraw to Brest after engagement. She sinks one ship en route - the only 'success' in a month's voyage. 

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