25 December 2010

Saturday 14th December 1940:planted roses

Very cold, dull, damp. Parcel of rose bushes arrived from Pontings: planted same. Varieties are Mrs Herbert Stevens, Mme Butterfly, Golden Ophelia, Crimson Glory, Barbara Richards, Duchess of Atholl** twice. Workmen started putting on new slate roof. Warnings 1.16 to 2.1 a.m. 6.9 to 6.58 p.m. further al clear at 7.27 p.m.
**On 10 Oct 1942 an unescorted British passenger liner bearing this name, the Duchess of Atholl, was sunk by torpedoes fired from a German U-boat. This was about 200 north-east of Ascension. 5 crew died, but 825 survivors were picked up by HMS Corinthian.  See history of event

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