1 November 2010

Thursday 31st October 1940: 288th raid warning

Mild, torrents of rain, dismal.Warnings from 8.50 to 9.5 a.m., 1.37 to 4.48 p.m. Heavy Junkers bomber plainly visible, local battery fired a few shots but all went a long way beyond. Alan Spooner called. Night raid began at 6.30 & ended at 9.8 p.m. Very little activity, only a little gunfire & heard no bombs. This warning was the 288th since war began. Further warning at 3.15 a.m. on 1 Nov Fri.
On this day:

  • German bombing of Britain had killed 6,334 civilians during October, with 8,695 injuries recorded.
  • Vera Brittain noted 'numerous bombs' in the morning, while 'revising Living Dangerously chapter' during a 'very wet day'.


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