2 November 2010

Friday 1st November 1940: little gunfire - scandalous!

A few machines circled round, drew some gunfire and went off. Two bombs swished down but went over Coombe way. All clear at 7.10 a.m. Warnings from 8.15 t 8.26 a.m. From 11.25 to 12.9 p.m. and 1.20 to 2.57 p.m. With Alan & Fred Spooner to bring away radio-gram which Madge has given me: used their box-truck. Night raid warning at 6.40 p.m., more panes than of late, but a few bombs dropped on other side of railway: little opposition in the way of gunfire - scandalous!  All clear at 1.50 on 2 Sat.
On this day: RAF support, e.g. from Egypt, send to help Greece. Royal Navy mined Bay of Biscay.

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