10 October 2010

Monday 30th September 1940: bullets struck roof

Rather cool, very dull. Warnings from 9.30 to 9.55 a.m., 10.0 to 10.55 a.m., 1, p.m. to 2.115 p.m. nig air battle, and 4.15 to 5.58 another air battle overhead; machine gun bullets struck the roof of Towner's house. Night raid from 7.50 p.m., to 5.58 a.m. on Tues 1 Oct. Ciss**, Doris and Aunt Liza came with me to spend night at Botsford Road shelter. Could not hear much of the raid but it was probably a little less severe. Heard one bomb come whistling down, and ending with a bump.
**Note: I am surprised how little we hear of Fred's sister, Ciss. And what of his Dad, who should have been living at 66 Chestnut Road still at this time?

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