27 September 2010

Tuesday 24th September 1940: "unabated fury..."

"London is crumbling before our eyes"
Mild, bright sunshine, but chilly at night. Raid warning from 8.35 to 9.23 a.m. From 11.53. a.m. to 12.25 p.m., bombs and gunfire before the warning. Edie Bennett called; her mother is not expected to live. The night raid began at 8.11 p.m. and continued with unabated fury till 5.32 a.m. on 25 Wed. Enemy aircraft were more numerous than ever, each one getting a few rounds of gunfure but without any noticeable effect. It seems as though they cannot be stopped and London is crumbling before our eyes, thousand have been killed already.
On this day:

  • Over 3 days (23-25) Free French forces and British try to take the port of Dakar in French West Africa. Operation Menace falters and Churchill calls it off.
  • Vichy i.e. French forces supporting Germany, attack Gibraltar by air, dropping 600 tons of bombs, but causing limited damage.
  • The German Commissioner in Norway appoints Quisling head of government, formally deposing the King.

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