19 September 2010

19 Sept 1940: "...the house was demolished"

Thurs 19. Mild, heavy rain. Warning from  8.55 tp 9.10 a.m. Short walk to buy Dinky something. In evening to see the damage in Cambridge Road. A huge crater on Cottenham Park Rec. and a still larger one in Cambridge Road where Mr Halliday lived: but not a window broken. Called in at Richmond Road to see how they all were: Margaret has a Siamese kitten. The night raid was characterised by few bombs within hearing but large number of machines past over and our local guns blazed at them good and strong - starting at 8.3. p.m. it finished at 5.46 a.m. on 20th Fri. One alarming incident was when a German plane power dived at stupendous speed to within a few yards of us in the shelter. We thought it was going to crash on us as it had been under heavy fire; don't know what happened to it.---
Since writing the above I do know that the machine was a Junkers, type 88. It was fired at by our local battery and a shell blew its tail off. It dived at incredible speed on to a house in Richmond Avenue. The house was demolished. The plane buried itself deeply, blew up and caught fire.

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  1. My father lived in number 2 or 4 Richmond Avenue. He and his parents survived the crash as they were in the Anderson shelter. The neighbours also survived this crash! Only one of the crew survived landing by parachute in Clapham.