14 September 2010

Saturday 14th September 1940: six air raid warnings

Mild, chilly wind, a little weak sunshine. Warnings - 9.45 to 10.00 a.m. & 11.0 to 11.15 a.m., 3.47 to 5.5. p.m. flight of machines passed over and sound of bombs as if they were dropped on Wimbledon Common; I'm sure they are welcome. 6.20 - 7.15 - one bomb sounded as before. 7.40 to 9.0 p.m., 9.38 to 9.59 p.m.
On this day

  • Hitler postpones invasion decision again, hoping Luftwaffe will have better weather to attack Britain in the meantime - making 27 September earliest possible date. But autumn and winter weather threatens... Luftwaffe commanders believe they are defeating the RAF. 
  • Vera Brittain records seeing damage to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. "Immense detours now necessary in Central London." She also records (note Hitler's decisions affected by weather, above): "A bad day for raids, lots of low clouds."


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