10 September 2010

Monday 9th September 1940: "The sky is red with the light of a hundred fires"

Mild, cloudy, getting very cool. Raid warning from 5.15 ro 6.25. A squadron of the enemy met a squadron of our Hurricane fighters. Four German machines tumbled down immediately the forces met. Others came down so I was told, and some of the enemy airmen came down by parachute. Many bombs were dropped however, and some fires started, at Kingston I believe. Alb & Lily called to say they were all right after last night's hectic affair. Went to see the damage in Elm Walk: an enormous bomb crater in the garden. Raid at night from 9.37 p.m. till 5.45 a.m. on Tues 10th. Fierce bombing attack especially on east London continued. The sky is red with the light of a hundred fires. The damage must be grievous. St.Thomas Hospital is badly damaged. The docks have suffered most. Our anti-aircraft guns are firing more accurately and without waiting to get a sight of the enemy. They brought a German down in this raid.
On this day: US ships start operating with Royal Navy in North Atlantic. Germany warns that any ship, whatever the nationality, will be attacked if in a war zone.

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