2 September 2010

Monday 2nd September 1940:meat coupons, cat food and bombs

Rather warm, some sun, but less power than yesterday. Air raid warning from 8.10 to 8.55 a.m. Also from 4.30 to 5.55 p.m. Heard many of our own planes but no Germans come near here. Uncle Henry called saying he had picked up a sheet of meat coupons belonging to an address in Greenway. I cycled there and gave it to the owner - Mrs. Putnam - in the afternoon. Also bought Kit-E-Cat for Dinky & a tonic for myself in Coombe Lane. Maud called in evening. Sirens sounded at 10-35 p.m. Took shelter. Many Germans over. Heard many bombs, five of which were not far off. Also heard something whistling down.  All clear at 5.5 on 3rd Tues. a.m.
On this day: Britain completes deal with USA for 50 old WWI destroyers, vital to escort convoys. Meanwhile German aircraft attacks continue, but the targets are nor necessarily well-chosen... there are night attacks too on Bristol, Liverpool and London.

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