21 September 2010

Friday 20th September 1940: Fred was given part of a German aircraft...

Mild, dull, less wind. Warning from 11.40 a.m. till 12 noon. Went to see where the German plane crashed. The Scottish troops from the anti-aircraft station were removing the machine which was reduced to scrap. A boy gave me a piece of the self-sealing compound which the Germans use to make the petrol tank bullet proof. The night attack began at 7.53 p.m. but so well did our guns fire that no raiders got past the London area; they just turned tail and dwindled to silence in the darkness. Raid recommenced at 12.20 a.m. on the 21 Sat.
On this day: in fact over the period of 3 days, Atlantic convoy HX-72 is attacked by a group of German U-boats, which sunk 12 ships. Seven of these loses were overnight on 21-22 Sept., sunk by a single German U.00 which was not detected by the escorts.
  • German army commanders are warned that troops will be sent to Rumania, to be stationed in case of war with the Soviet Union.

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  1. [Info from Fred Brewer]
    Uncle Fred mentions that a boy gave him a piece of the foam from the fuel tank of an aircraft. Bits and pieces from the overnight air actions were to be found in abundance. I used to do a morning and evening newspaper round, and found large amounts of debris, mainly shrapnel from anti aircraft shells on the morning round. Tail fins of incendiary bombs, pom-pom shell parts, and pieces of metal from aircraft that had been damaged by shell burst were also to be found. The site of a crashed plane provided rich picking for the local boys, who gathered round, taking what bits they could carry. Later on, the next collectibles, were pieces of crumpled steel from V1 flying bombs.