21 August 2010

Wednesday 14th August 1940

Roses, milkman's daughter... and Southampton bombed.
Rather warm, dull, but not unpleasant. Gave Valerie, Mr.Jones the milkman's little girl a Los Angeles rose, she said, "It is very nice": she is not yet five. Fitted pair of larger brake-blocks to front brake of bicycle. Cycled to Lower Morden in afternoon, have not seen it since it was built on. When I saw it last it was all farm and meadow land. Dear Madge brought some plums and tomatoes in evening - she is very nice. Harold called; told us of the damage done by German bombs to Southampton. 78 Nazi aeroplanes were brought down round our coast yesterday. Took head of cycle down and cleaned the bearings; fixed the lower ball-race tightly it was always loose. --- Oh, Alan and Fred Spooner with the help of some boys got my aeroplane out of the tree on Cannon Hill Common; and glad I was to get it back even though it is slightly damaged.

On this day: Germany applied its laws to occupied Luxembourg, suspending the constitution.  

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