29 August 2010

Tuesday 27th August 1940: digging garden dug-out

Between very mild and rather warm, dull. Spent afternoon digging the dug-out deeper and putting the earth on top. Bought fish for Dinkey. Alan Spooner called; he said it was rumoured that the German plane came down on Burgh Heath. Walk in evening past the anti-aircraft station. Talk with soldier who said he was a gun layer. He said the No.1 gun hit the German with the first shot. No 2 also fired, also the Richmond guns. Warning from 9-15 till 11.55 p.m. Enemy planes overhead, searchlights could not locate & there was no firing. Heard a few bombs but none near at hand. Oh, the Nazi brought down was a Heinkel.
On this day: RAF Coastal Command establishes Icelandic base to protect shipping. 

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