24 August 2010

Sunday 18th August 1940

"Another bomb has gone off as I write..."
Very warm, grand sunny day but heavy evening. Air raid warning while we were at dinner just after midday. A lot or air activity and some bombs dropped south of here. Those with good sight saw a machine dive to earth after an air battle overhead, during which cannon shells from German planes dropped nearby. Wardens went round asking people if any had fallen on their property. Heard some come down but none here. These shells explode if touched even lightly on their front end. Mrs.Akroyd to tea. While at table another warning but no bombs. Nine light grey aircraft came over which looked like German dive-bombers, you could see the black bombs underneath. Walk to Morden to see the wrecked plane but it was hidden among some trees - a British Spitfire.I was told two German Dorniers were down on other side of London Road, Morden. 3 more delayed bombs went off to-day. Another bomb has gone off as I write, that's 4. Yet another delayed bomb went off at ten to midnight - heavy. I believe there are still more lying about ready to explode. You have to laugh!
"You have to laugh!"

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