21 August 2010

Saturday 10th August 1940

Rather warm, rather cloudy, showers in morning but a little moderate sun later: boisterous. Polished the floors. Cooked lights for Dinkey. Bought tin of Kit.E.Cat, cat food, also to Chemists. Walk along Coombe Lane in evening. Saw Aunt Liza who was taking Maud to hospital.Maud is having an operation for appendicitis. Repaired anode terminal of screened-grid valve.
On this day:  Laval told Germany that WWI fighter pilot Colonel RenĂ© Fonk had organised 200 pilots to support Germany against the UK. (Following France's Armistice with Germany in 1940, Pierre Laval twice served in the Vichy Regime in France as head of government, signing orders permitting the deportation of foreign Jews from French soil to the death camps. After Liberation (1945), he was arrested, found guilty of high treason, and executed by firing squad. - source: Wikipedia.)

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