28 August 2010

Monday 26th August 1940: insane, demoralised, irrational - wish I had not gone

Rather warm, dull, but not unpleasant. Cycled in evening to Tolworth to see Alb & Lily (see photos two days ago) & found them insane over the war. Had to leave them as I found them completely demoralised and irrational: wish I had not gone. Air raid warning at 9-15 p.m. lasting till 3-45 a.m. on 27 Tuesday. There was a continuous stream of German planes from South to North and back all this time on mischief bent. Some bombs were dropped fairly near but most were out of hearing.Three Nazi bombers were caught in our searchlight and the guns on the field opened fire. The lady staying at Frayne's said she saw one fall out of the searchlight beam: hope so.
On this day: more major raids against RAF airfields, and Portsmouth. Germans lose 19 bombers and 26 fighters; RAF loses 31 fighters. Meanwhile RAF bombers attacked Berlin industry, not with great success, but prompted Hitler to switch German attacks from RAF airfields to London - a major error in strategy.

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