30 August 2010

Friday 30th August 1940: '...a great number of bombs'

Very mild, fine sunny day, but not much warmth in the sun now. To buy battery and get tin of floor polish. While out the sirens sounded at 4-35 to 5-50 heard some bombs. Other warnings at 12-10 to 1-25 + 3-15 to 3-35 p.m. While listening to nine o'clock news on wireless heard loud explosion, went out to hear an enemy bomber with searchlights trying to pick it out without success. Then the sirens sounded and warning lasted till 3-55 a.m. on 31st Sat. Heard great number of bombs and some gunfire. German bombers droning continually. Some bombs on London I am sure.
On this day:  German loses, 36 planes, British 26. Attacks on Luton aircraft factory and Kent airfields.Vera Brittain records that she went down into tube at Euston to shelter and was kept there for an hour. Meanwhile Hitler says he will announced, on 10 Sept, decision regarding an invasion of Britain. Under the 'Vienna Award', Hungary is given half of Rumanian Transylvannia and Bulgaria is given southern Dobrujia- this at instigation of Germany and Italy - this avoids Balkan war and ensures German grain and oil supplies.

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